Desired position: In-house Concept Artist (Available for freelance)

I have done nothing but live and breathe art & design for the entertainment industry for longer than I can remember. I am a team player who is passionate about games in all ways, driven and highly motivated. I am extremely thankful for your time to look at this site. Feel free to contact me about any future positions you may have open worldwide.

Achievements and Awards

Work experience examples

Concept Artist, IMAGE COMICS’ “REVIVAL”  ShatterGlass films, May 2017
Produced artwork to support the script for Environments, Characters, Creatures and Cinematography.
  • Ongoing project
Artist, Ubisoft Osaka. February 2015 – February 2017.
  • 2D and 3D in-game assets.
  • Concept art and designs for weapons, props, environments and more to support 3D artists in-house and external.
  • Animations for props, pre-viz and more.
  • Titles: South Park: The Fractured But Whole  – Multiplatform (2017), Disney’s Gravity Falls – 3DS (2015), Unannounced Project (Cancelled). 
Concept Artist, Capitol One, Quicksilver commercial staring Samuel L Jackson, The Mill. February 2015.
  • Produced photo-real concepts to support a pitch to clients.
  • Projects: Multiple Capital One Commercials featuring Samuel L Jackson and Jennifer Garner.
Concept and Character Artist, Aero Movie Aero Productions LLC. December 2014.
  • Produced turn around and model sheets for key characters in the movie.
  • Created 10 pitch images to support the script showing key moments in the story.
Designer, Animator and Artist, Jumpbutton Studios. May 2014-Present
  • Design, Animation and art, unannounced side scroller, PC and iOS.
  • UI artist, writer and Graphics, SpaceStroids, PC
  • Designer and Artist The Keeper and The Soldier (2016).
  • Character artist and animator, Rainbow Hippie, released onto Android via Googleplay.
Illustrator,, November 2014
  • Commissioned alongside Takeshi Oga, Atsushi Shimoda and Kazutoshi Iida to produced a full paged illustration for a featured article with the direction of an editor.

Novel Graphic Design and Illustration, Freelance 2009-Present

Digital design, illustration and promotion artwork ready for print and digital. Clients Eg: Clean-Teen publishing, the International writer`s guild, Lavinia Urban, and Graham Austin King.

Lard Wants World Peace.” Concepts and illustration, October 2012.

Working under the art direction of the BAFTA winner, Keith Tutt, to produce images to support a script to become green-lit for a feature length animated movie.

Volunteer concept artist for multiple independent video games, 2007-present.

Characters, Environments, props, weapons, vehicles etc. with different styles. Client Eg: Spiral Game Studios (Orion: Dino Beatdown – Shipped to Steam), SKYBLIVION.

Pre-production Lead Artist, Unannounced Adventure-Puzzle iOS Game, Mayben Media, Sept 2013-Feb 2014.

Working alongside an ex-Eidos designer/ BAFTA nominee to create 2D assets, conceptual art, Graphics, 2D animated concepts, promotional artwork. Supporting Artwork for the project to become successfully green lit. Technical writing for a visual design document to support the main GDD. Art direction to other developers on the project throughout the core build.

Personal Projects

  • Assassin`s Creed V: Rising Sun. Conceptual art series to illustrate an Assassin`s Creed game set in Japan. The project went on to go `viral` with almost a Million views across the internet in November of 2014 following a full feature of the project on
  • The Enderling” 25k word GDD and over 100 pieces of supporting artwork. 2012. Concept Show reel:


Norwich University College of the Arts, 2008-2012 First Class Honours Degree in Video Games art and Design.

  • 1st Class Honours (First Class Honours (GPA 4.0)
  • Game design and documentation, Illustration and conceptual art.
  • Work appeared in the University prospectus, website and major advertisements in GAMES™ and EDGE™ Magazines.
  • Helping the University select future students by participating in interviews.