Assassin’s Creed: Rising Sun

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Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Run. Set during the Meiji restoration in 1868, the samurai were dispersed and a national implemented with a large influence from Western traders such as the united states. With this, the old styled Japan was moved very rapidly into the future with the introduction of an armed forces with firearms. To complete the restoration the new emperor moved the capital from Kyoto to Edo (Now named Tokyo) where the traditional Japan was being lost very quickly. This is the stage in which AC5: RS is set. The player would travel from Kyoto to Osaka then finally to Tokyo where the modernization of japan increases from one city to the next. The main character is a Samurai whom is tied to the Assassin’s Clan, a clan which guards a secret brought from across the sea many years before. The Templars from America and Europe have come to find the secret, influencing the clan heads to disperse and change while and the Assassin guardians struggle to find out who is responsible and take out the newly formed Templars whom are drastically trying to find the secret which is hidden in the land of the rising sun. The restoration is but a backdrop to this truth…

Personal project I set for myself as a challenge and in hopes to get noted by a studio. In many ways it was a success as it not only gave me a lot of exposure but it also gave me the opportunity to be interviewed and officially offered a full time position at UBISOFT Osaka, while its not the AAA studio that makes AC, it is indeed a start!


65 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed: Rising Sun

      • Awesome work man! I’m glad you got the job at Ubisoft, make the most of it. You deserve it.

        Many people I know have requested a Japan setting multiple times. I’ve never been personally interested in Feudal Japan, but I’ve always loved the Boshin War. It’s actually my #1 requested AC setting. The modernization during this time would allow the game to include many events and life styles but I’m sure you already knew that. I used to think that this concept art was of a Feudal Japan but to my surprise they are not. That makes them 10x times better as I wasn’t even influenced by these.

        Good luck with this game man and remember I’ll still be hoping for this game you’ve envisioned. 🙂

      • LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for something like this on feudal Japan. I hope Ubisoft runs with it. Good luck to you on your career and God bless.

      • I saw this and am so excited to play the new game. I know I am a no body but would love to test the game for you. I am a glitch magnet. I find every glitch that real testers miss. I have been following assassins creed from the beginning and really enjoy the story. Please please let me be a tester.

      • I will test any video game but would love to be on this prohect. I also have some ideas for a few new games too.

      • Oh man, I was just showing my little sister your work because I had seen (a portion) of it on a gaming site and I completely missed where it said that this was only fanart and NOT an actual installment in the AC series. After getting over that tidbit and picking up the broken pieces of my heart, I was fawning over your work. Before I got to this official website, I had just finished telling my sister that if I worked for Ubi or was part of the development team for AC and I had come across your work, I’d hire you on the spot. I really, REALLY hope this actually becomes a future chapter. Either through a DLC or a full game (I’m totally voting for a full game, even the name you made is perfect!). I ABSOLUTELY am in love with Japan. It’s my dream to visit someday. Your work is amazing and I’m so happy for you that you got a job with Ubi. You’ve definitely proven your talents and you’re an awesome addition to the AC team. Congratulations Vin, you truly deserve it. Keep making that beautiful art and make the future game installments even more visually pleasing. You’re amazing.

      • Thank you for you kind comment! Really glad you enjoyed my work 🙂 I’ve lived in Japan for two years now, its a very nice place to visit! Have a great day 🙂

      • I think the main character would say
        Domo wakari mas ta watashi wa ninja assassin san –
        Greetings how are you doing I am ninja assassin san

        Emperor Sama – Your Highness (You know what forget this one) -_- lol

      • Hi Alan! Thanks for your comment! Good Japanese too! お前わかりませんか、私は暗殺者だ。。。Might be a little better: “Don’t you understand? I`m an Assassin…”. When you refer to yourself you should avoid using “San/Sama” its only used when referring to others. Keep it up!

    • Funny you should mention that, i was just hired by them this week 🙂
      However, i’m in the Ubisoft Osaka (Japan) studio, not the Montreal/Toronto studio where they make the triple-A games like Assassin’s.
      Fingers crossed for the future though!

      • Keep pushing dude. I actually love this series and I’ve been nervous about Japan, but would look forward to something like what you have started to create.

        Good luck to you.

      • dang, ur my hero man! ubisoft needs to start this project, I also hope that they improve the gameplay towards combat, instead of just.. click click click = automatic combo, it should be more challenging for players to execute cool moves like, various combinations, finishers, more control, etc2x.

  1. Love these concept designs, really well done and congrats on getting a job with ubisoft. I was pretty interested in the time period you chose as well, many people want a ac game in japan but many do not choose a time period. The time period you chose of japan modernizing reminded me of the game Red Dead Redemption’s time period of the u.s. modernizing and moving away from cowboys and outlaws. Another time period in Japan I would love to see is Sengoku Jidai and I will link a great video series explaining this time period and the significance of it ( Anyway awesome work I hope you rise the ranks at ubisoft and make concept designs for triple a games, good luck.

    • No. There are enough Asian female characters. Actually, way too many Asian female characters. Because they think it is supposed to appeal to video gamer’s obsession and yellow fever for Asian women.

      It is a trend in western/white/Hollywood culture to make sure that East Asian men are not represented.

      It would be more progressive to have a white female character in the franchise, and an Asian MALE character for a game set in Japan or Korea or China.

  2. If you can get this game running, which I pray you do, this could easily sell ten times better than black flag and twice as much as ac unity! I pray for your success, both for your sake, and for a shiny new ac game that I will spend hours playing!

  3. All the best man, I hope this thing will really become real sooner or later. It is a great idea honestly, even if it does not end up in an Assassin’s Creed Franchise, I still will play it as long it is the same ideas and all just you know, not the Assassin vs Templar thing.

  4. Man that is incredible, I’ve been waitiing for something like this for a very long time, i hope they approve it and this happen, best of luck Vin.

  5. Hey, it is simply awesome. Those arts are more than amazing haha!

    Well, I’ll go to the Montreal Comic-con in July 3rd, 4th and 5th and Ubisoft Montreal will be there to do q&a and conference. If you don’t mind I could show them your site with all of your amazing works for a possible Assassin’s creed in the Meiji era because it will fit a bit after Syndicate because it’s slightly the same period as the Meiji era the Victorian London

    Sorry for my English, I’m a French-Canadian haha

    • Hi Ray!

      Thank you for the offer 🙂 I currently work at Ubisoft in Osaka, ive spoken to a couple of guys from the Montreal studio and they’ve told me some people may have already seen it in the studio, who exactly saw it I have no idea so its worth a try! I would love to work on AC on day, fingers crossed! Have fun at the con though 🙂

  6. I personally would love to see a AC game in japan. One of the reasons is because the cities are now exactly the same despite the time periods and locations the cities from AC1 all to way to the new game Syndicate seem similar.

    Also one thing, im not japanese but correctme if im wrong. The shinobi started because a Samurai took teachings from a chinesse monk well it could be that this is how the assasins of japan started

    • Thanks for your comment Oscar 🙂 From what i read in my research, the teachings of the samurai was start after the battle of Hakusukinoe in 650AD, its was a pretty large battle where over 10`000 Japanese soldiers died- after that Japan went through a huge reform and the Samurai were introduced to be ranks under the emperor. Samurai and Ninja however were not much to do with each other, Samurai followed codes and honor systems (not all for good, they were pretty horrible most of the time.) the Ninja\Shinobi however were swords for hire, 9\10 Shinobi contracts were theft and very little assassinations were issued out to them. Its not 100% known but Ninja were said to have started in China and then brought over to Japan for their services until Japanese culture kind of swallowed it and made it their own (they do that a lot). Hope this helped 🙂 Thanks again for your comment, have a great day!

  7. Wow that’s amazing! I hope Ubisoft will use your idea for future game. Rumor has it that Ubisoft plan to release a full next-gen Assassin’s Creed set in Japan after Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

  8. Let us hope there is a 100% East Asian male character in this, instead of some last samurai white guy as main character having sex with a lot of Japanese girls. Enough of Hollywood and western white peoples’ hatred towards Asian males.

  9. This is really some solid work and I think you did a brilliant job. However I’m not sure how the player can be a “Samurai whom is tied to the Assassin’s Clan” as they’re different things: the Samurai had their code of honor and the shinobi were hired for sneaky, stealthy, assassin-y jobs that were seen as dishonorable. Therefore it makes more sense if the player character, in question was a shinobi or a descendant of the Koga or Iga Clans.

    As for the “secret brought from across the sea many years before” — could it have been brought by Portuguese missionaries (during say, the sengoku era) and kept by the underground “kirishitan” community? O:

    I’m not sure how this would be in the context of the Meiji Restoration, but the changes happening at the time does provide an exciting backdrop.

  10. This is excellent work, Vin. Even if this hypothetical game never gets developed, the artwork here should definitely go into an artbook for the AC series.

    I have a modest suggestion that could make the development of “Assassin’s Creed: Rising Sun” somewhat easier. Have you heard of the “Ryu ga Gotoku” game series, published by Sega and created by Toshihiro Nagoshi? The RGG development team has a history of putting out content-rich games with fun and fast-paced beat-em-up combat mechanics in the series, usually after only 1 or 2 years in development for each title.

    Another reason to recommend the RGG team is that they’ve already put out two open-world games in the RGG series that are set in feudal Japan, and one of them, named “Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin!” is set in the Bakamatsu period, at the dawn of the Meiji Restoration. This means that the RGG team already has experience creating game assets for that time period. If the RGG team could be contracted out to provide things like some environments, some combat mechanic design, or even some minigames (which they have a lot of experience in doing), they could help a lot with making “Assassin’s Creed: Rising Sun” a great game.

    As unlikely as the above scenario is, if this hypothetical game ever gets off the ground, be sure to make the obligatory “Piece of Eden” in this game at least one of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. That sounds fitting enough.

  11. I think this time period and location would work well as it allows access to many iconic and useful weapons to the game, such as: shuriken, kunai, grappling hooks, sickle and chain, ninjato, katana tanto, wazikashi, Bakuhatsugama, Fukedake, Tetsu Bishi, Sai, and may more. you could also incorperate fetch quests (what ubisoft game is complete without them lol) into acquiring new weapons (taking materials to smiths such as iron, ivory etc).

    It could also reinstate the assassination missions from previous games with rewards from your clan depending on how many successful assassinations you complete.

    the use of this time period would also allow for several foreign countries to be present within the game under the pretense of special assassination contracts (or some such) thereby introducing the possibility to meet historical people such as: Abraham Lincoln, Otto von Bismarck, John Wilkes Booth (who could easily be worked into the assassins creed universe as either an assassin or a rogue assassin), and several more.

    you should also include a skill tree feature into the game this would allow players to choose how they would play their game such as putting more skill points into melee combat would allow them to be more tank-y and deal more damage whereas putting more point into the stealth tree would allow more sneak based abilities such as being less detectable and dealing more damage on to an unsuspecting opponent or a ranged branch of the tree specialising in bows, cross bows, blow guns etc.

    Of course this all depends on wether or not Ubisoft have the sense to listen to what their fans want and employ you up at montreal where they work on the big projects 🙂

    • The company are usually pretty on top of this stuff, they are constantly taking surveys for settings for AC to see what people are interested in, from what I understand from the media though, ACO is restarting the timeline so them jumping from Ancient Egypt to 1860 Japan would be a stretch. I was over at Ubisoft in Osaka for two years following this project and I only knew about Origins, they will likely get around to Japan one day as it’s probably pretty high on their surveys but I would guess its not any time soon. Especially with the general disinterest from the creators, again, as reported by the media.

      I wouldn’t be sat around waiting for it though is my point lol.

      And indeed, i would have loved a job at Montreal but that never came about though I’m in touch with the recruiter, i just genuinely don’t believe my skill level is good enough for those guys to consider me. Maybe further down the road.

      But I have to give a shout-out to Ubisoft Singapore, they have a massive 200-300 people team that work on every Assassin’s Creed game, those guys do amazing work, so its not just Montreal 🙂

  12. I have no words to say how amazing is your job. Congratulations guy! I really want to see this project in a real game! I’m so happy to see your job!

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