Crazy Month! Assassin`s Creed Japan and News!


What a crazy November it has been! At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to get featured on for the recent self-project I have been doing for Assassin`s Creed V: Rising Sun. It was very well received, more than I could have ever expected to the point that it hit the front page of, front page of Reddit and even appeared on an IGN Daily Fix. All in all, the project went on to get almost to a million views, likely many more with more than 20 websites in many different languages reporting on it also- which is pretty mind blowing to the point that I`m still struggling to process it…

However, I know its a rarity to see a single artist get this much attention in one day and I know that it isn`t strictly down to my artistic abilities by any means. In fact, i know my skill level is far from the reason the project went “Viral” (I hate that word). The main reason why It exploded so much is due to the subject matter of Assassin`s Creed and the gamer`s desires to have that series be set in Japan- I was just lucky enough to illustrate the idea in enough detail to get noticed.

Regardless, there was still a large number of people that were interested in my artwork outside of the subject matter were truly heartwarming and wonderful to talk with. I get emails on a daily basis which I always reply to and for all that support I can`t thank everyone enough. It has been one of the best experiences I have ever had and for the first time, my work and myself feels appreciated more than ever.

So…. Now what!?

Well, after the dust settled a little I eventually got through all of my emails to find over 7 freelance jobs waiting for me including a couple of movies. Amount those emails I even got a couple of emails from Ubisoft themselves- you can exhale though because it wasn`t to offer me any work! I`m nowhere near good enough for that just yet! They were kind enough to let me know they had seen it and how much they loved it, they were then kind enough to pass along a free copy of AC: Unity to say thank you for me advertising the brand (As it were). So with that I have a lot of client work to get through. I`ve just finished up some work for and I am now conceptualizing a Movie which is nice! I am having a lot of fun and I hope to show you guys some of it soon!

So a HUGE thank you to everyone for their support! It`s been an awesome month and I cant wait to get stuck into more work!


Some personal work from this month:


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