ACV: Part Six

Project 1: Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun
Part 6 – Catch Up!



So its been a week and I’ve not had that much time at my computer to do the old pesky “Day job” *Shiver*, the dream of being able to do this stuff full time gets me twitching in my chair! Alas, i did get some work done! Item number 1 on the list is the hidden blade, a hallmark weapon of the assassin’s creed IP… No pressure :/


The great thing about the hidden blade is that its a very well established piece of weaponry so it was really about designing a Bracer rather than an actually blade, with that in mind i wanted to create something that fit in with the second sword of my Katanas (The favorite from my facebook page followers) which was black and gold. I did however want it to look different to the other HBs of the past.

6 hours

6 hours

I stuck to the rendering style of the previous assassins games too, a basic turn around. These took about 6 hours with all the detailing and the hands were paint over’s of my own hand which I snapped a few pictures of on my phone. Over all it was a lot of fun. Figuring out the plate mail to bend correctly was a nice challenge but really I’m just a sucker for this kind of work with detailing!

NEXT ITEM ON THE LIST! Kyoto painting. The WIP went well so it was just a matter of sitting down and spending an extra hour of on it:

6 Hours - Kyoto city: assassin's creed based work. Self set project to build my portfolio, the process can be found in the WIP section of my site.

6 Hours – Kyoto city: assassin’s creed based work. Self set project to build my portfolio, the process can be found in the WIP section of my site.

I happy with how this turned out, I would have much liked to have some feedback as I went but that privilege is for when I have an art director. Hopefully one day 🙂 I like the depth on this on and how the city is more like a hive of activity, as a vista it looks quite solid but then you see the people like annts glowing in the lamp light below.  I also had a few people mistake this piece of an offical Ubisoft piece- while I know its not to that standard yet, it was still nice that they approved in their own little way xD


With a final piece shining through from all of my iterations I began to work on a base-character, eventually I would like to finish this guy off with two variants with armor on and off. Speaking of which….


Non-Armored 🙂

More coming soon!


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