ACV Part Four


Project 1: Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun
Part 4 – All About the details!

AC5RSI didn’t get a chance to update yesterday as I worked well into the night and even saw the sunrise here in Japan which seemed all too fitting for the project! I wanted to get the 5 characters finished and uploaded to my facebook art page to get see what people liked as I expected to be working on the character as soon as I woke up.


I tried to express as much range as possible with the 5 designs while keeping them all distinctly Japanese, in retrospect I am kicking myself that I didn’t try out a female assassin but the series has kept to a male role so I can’t see it deviating. Overall the designs were met positively by my followers and I specifically asked not just their favorites but mixtures, detailing and other parts missing from a good assassin. The pick this time was a mixture of 1 and 3, which were both my personal favorites too. I knew that 2 and 4 weren’t very realistic for opposite reasons in that the Ninja-assassin of number 2 looked cool but would look a little….odd while casually trying to get from A to B with town’s folk glaring at him strangely. Number 4 however would be find on the ground, looking prestigious and warrior-like yet I can’t see him doing parkour too effectively- But, with this in mind I still went ahead and painted them knowing this as still came across a lot of detailing ideas in them, ideas which people have pointed out to include into 1/3 in the mixture.

Next i’ll be painting that mixture at about this size then doing about 8 detailing variants. Changing armour, equipment etc. I will also start introducing color to experiment too.  That’s for tomorrow though!


One thing i did know from the get-go on this project is that the Assassin would have a set of 3 Katana, so I wanted to have a go at a hilt design. As always I hit up google for some references:



And even researched how they were made:

And then I started to paint! 6 hours later I realized just how overboard I went on detailing but hey, the devil is those and I had fun.

6 Hours

6 Hours


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