ACV Part Three

Project 1: Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun
Part 3 – Mood Sketching


To warm up this morning I decided to tackle a quick mood-painting. I previously decided on Kyoto as the main setting so I started to shop around for some references of how Kyoto looks in the old side of town (Much has remained for hundreds of years there) and also some other small towns that are scattered here all of Japan. I also wanted to look into what I could use for mechanics within the game, most notable being the view points, they act as high points for the player to climb and assess their surroundings. The most common landmarks that repeat here are actually temples so I the temple towers seemed to fit nicely.




I really liked the idea of a cluttered maze of buildings that almost all have the tiled rooftops. It would make an interesting setting for an assassin’s creed for me! 🙂

The actually mood painting started from a photo from one of my references, I like to start with photo’s to simply save time, a lot of the original photo’s rarely survive to the end but they give me a good basis which is quick. These mood paintings only take an hour with a photo-real finish to them so they work well for this IP, looking at concept art produced for the franchise in the past, much of the concept work done is produced in the same way so I figured it would follow the trend. Process of the painting is below, screenshots came every 30 minutes.





A lot was changes to the original photo as you can see, the city was extended and the depth to the ground level was increased, the lighting is far from perfect but it does the job for now. The current piece isn’t finished yet as I’ll get back to it once the main character is filly designed so I can implement him in so it all fits. If people on my Facebook Art page enjoy the painting, i may take to it a finish later on, but for now it is just a mood painting.





Back to characters! 😀







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