ACV Part One

Project 1: Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun
Part 1 – Logos and Ideas

This week I’ve decided to attack some portfolio work and produce some artwork that would fit into a pre-existing franchise. With that in mind I have to take advantage of the fact that I live in Japan and that Ubisoft’s next Assassin’s Creed is likely set here, its a perfect fit as the setting takes advantage of the next gen hardware while staying with the setting for the plot to progress.

To warm up I put on the soundtrack to the movie The Last Samurai (, then made a couple of logo’s which follow the iconography of the game. Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun.
AC5RS Paper_Logo


The Japan text reads “The Eagle of Honor”. The main character of all the assassin’s games have been based on the bird of prey so I shouldn’t deviate here either. The reason I also went with a sun-spot instead of the flag with traditional sun rays is that it’s actually deemed a bit of a taboo here in Japan as it reminds people of world war 2 and imperial Japan. I often see foreigners here with sun-ray tee-shirts on here and it can be a little cringe worthy at times. A lot of respect has to be given throughout the game design to avoid these type of occurrences. I also added a small snow peak to the bottom form to make it look like Fuji-San/ Mt. Fuji.

Throughout this project I’ll be creating character designs for the main character, weapon designs, props and of course, environments. I will push with this project for up to 2 weeks then move on to another but all in all, i’m very excited for the project.


Next i’ll be researching through mood boards, locations, history and much more to create some designs. I’m thinking that the game will be set in Kyoto though, it has a vast depth and history to the location with old Geisha districts, castles, temples, crowded streets with all types of culture and much more. It is the old capitol of Japan before it was changed to Tokyo, the actual name “KYOTO” means “West Capital”.