ACV Part two

Project 1: Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun
Part 2 – Main Character



The most iconic part of new AC games is no different from any other game and that is the main character. I wanted to tackle the design of the main character as he’ll be included as a scale reference in a fair few of the environments i’ll be creating so I want to keep things consistent. The first thing I did was put together a mood board of typical warriors of Japan, this included samurai and ninja of course, some of them are real and others are fake. While research into history is important I realise that a good design/what looks cool prompts most things, if it looks believable then its good enough. After all, this was the series that had a gun invented by Da Vinci in Renaissance-Italy, so we have room to play 🙂



With this I just wanted to focus on big forms instead of details and wanted to set out to make some solid silhouettes to upload to my facebook art page to see what my followers thought, from there I could use this mood board to create some simple detailing ready to push onto the next stage. (Thumbnails 30 minutes)


After a few hours, some favorites had emerged. 1, 3, 5 and 7. With that I pushed on to test out some detailing on the first 2. I did however have to keep some design elements that were already set in stone from the previous games; the creed’s emblem on the belt and the hood mainly but other than that I had a large amount of freedom. (Below: Character Sheet 1, 3 Hours)


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