Currently available for in-house employment within the United States. 3 years industry experience. Concept/Matte Artist. Let’s talk!  

  • Providing illustrations that help Production Designers, Directors, 3D artists and others to realize their vision.
  • A strong understanding of artistic skills such as perspective, lighting, colour-theory, mood, values etc.
  • Strong and effective communication skills with a thick skin and a will to learn to help others.
  • A love for all design in every form: from creating design documents with supporting art, to making critical design decisions during the production of games.
  • A will to learn: I have tried my hand in Coding, art, animation, Novel writing, Video Editing, Photography and much more to gain a broad understanding of everyone`s job to have the ability to help and communicate ideas effectively. – Resume fluff aside; I really do love working in teams.

I work well in teams and I am highly self-motivated, this allows me to be able to work in any environment. I am always open to new challenges, critiques and feedback to further myself and my work to bring the best of my abilities to any client. I have worked alongside BAFTA winners and senior games developers. My most noted ability is to adapt in a wide range of styles and situations, all while communicating effectively and problem solving to push new ideas and design to strengthen projects.

Some recent work:

Just finished up work on South Park: The Fractured But Whole while I was at Ubisoft. I worked on creating all the costumes in the game (Maya) while also providing concepts and animation for VFX, Gameplay Mechanics and combat.